Our Services

What We Do

Our specialties Include:

  •  Over twenty-seven (27) years of experience in planning and producing events
  •  A Positive attitude and professional image
  •  Creativity with a knack for fun
  •  Knowledge and experience in following guidelines and procedures for a special event (i.e., license, permits, applications, etc.)
  •  Dedication to details in production and management of an event
  •  The capability to plan an event in any location
  •  Excellent understanding of logistics and the importance of following through on all matters
  •  Contract drafting and negotiation skills
  •  Contacts with various entertainers, bands, speakers and sports celebrities
  •  Knowledge of possible event locations and determination of proper layouts
  •  Experience with sponsorship packages and the responsibility for fulfilling contractual obligations
  •  Ongoing relationship with vendors and suppliers
  •  Capability of negotiating best price with vendors and suppliers Extensive working relationship with volunteer groups
  •  Personal contacts with local and national media
  •  Comprehensive index of available resources
  •  On going business relationship with professional sports teams


From inspiration to implementation, your event will be unique and successful, with an added “WOW” factor to make it memorable!


We offer a wealth of expereince in all aspects of event planning including budgeting, permit & licensing procudures, logisitics and more!


We have developed and maintained connections with vendors and suppliers, as well as entertainers, speakers and sports celebrities.